1962/11/09 - born in Milan (Italy)
1981/10/01 - enrolling on a course in photography studio and bought his first camera started to develop and print their own
1996/01/07 - the first encounter with the internet led him to exhibit his pictures in various galleries online and to participate in several international photo competition, where he received extensive positive feedback
1997/02/15 - feels the need to have their own space and take residence in the inhabited part of the Internet to the number 1217 in the Soho district
2001/03/25 - bought his first digital camera (Canon Pro 90 IS)
2000/08/19 - opens his own gallery at
2002/07/03 - chooses to present itself to the Internet world with the pseudonym "fotoquid" and simultaneously opens its website
* Since then continues his photographic research ... .

"... In the days of perfect and exact light in which things have all reality they may have." - Fernando Pessoa ( 1888 - 1935 )