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My name is Antonio Napoli, I was born in 1962 and a long time photographer.

Exactly since, while still a boy, in secondary school I was given a summer task which consisted of telling the place where I would spend my holidays.

Aware of not being very good at writing, but knowing that I still had to prepare the theme, I thought that I would enrich it with some photos taken using my parents’ compact camera: a simple Kodak Instamatic 33.

A camera with only two sun or cloudy / flash settings and shooting in square format.

That year I spent a small part of the summer in a Ligurian village and in less than a dozen photographs I told the days of some local fishermen. Many of them still in activity dedicated their day to arranging the nets while others, now elderly, spent time building the boat they had used for a lifetime in miniature.

Most of these images have been lost but looking back on those youthful years I seem to still hear the stories and tales of those people who were men before they were fishermen.
This was probably my first minimal story!

You can contact me at moc.diuqotof@atsop

Riva Trigoso - 1974
(only a part of the images because unfortunately the others are lost) has been online since July 3, 2002.